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Sunday, June 11, 2017


Why Swiss Golden Nigeria Is Unrealistic And A Waste Of Money And Time. - Investment

Well many people may not know but I am an E-commerce consultant and my job is to scrutinize businesses that are online oriented and tell people which is a sustainable one or not and just as I warned about MMM as not sustainable about a year ago, I am coming out this time to state the red flags in swiss golden Nigeria.

I will not bore you with stories and I wouldn't be writing this today if the admin of a certain wattsup group with number +234 706 258 5988 did not evict me simply because according to him,I am spoiling his business (whatever that means) but all I did was simply professional trying to point out the red flags in the business when he ought to be simply professional by explaining to me.

Now get this clear, I believe in network marketing and I am not calling swizz golden a scam but what I am simply pointing out is that the earning structure is very faulty,unrealistic and unstainable.

Now the business module insists that you MUST refer 2 people and in fact you will not progress if a cycle is not complete and it takes 7 people(You inclusive) to cycle and according to the structure, once you earn, you start another cycle with your downlines following you if they also cycle and this goes on and on and on.....but what many fail to understand is that for this to happen,everyone who registers MUST sign up 2 people meaning the matrix must be filled up for the system to be sustained...in other words, the downlines structure must be in this format. ..

2 downlines
4 downlines
One cycle 

Now for your two downlines to cycle there will be need for continuity meaning 

Your 2 downlines
4 downlines
8 downlines
your 2 downlines achieves a cycle

your 4 downlines of your immediate 2 will need

4 downlines
16 downlines
32 downlines
the 4 downlines above cycles.

Now here is the glitch....for you to make a second cycle,you will not be needing just 7 people but


Meaning you will need 64 people to register under you.

Now it is not the 62 that is the problem but the fact that everyone MUST sign up 2 people who MUST sign up another 2 in other to sustain the business. 

Invariably it means the business must have an arithmetic progression of a multiple of 2...

and on and on....

In my years as a consultant,I have never seen a matrix filled up meaning there is no way that arithmetic progression can be achieved which simply means the earning structure only gives room for the early starters which is also a red flag.

Some will say team work will ensure you get 2 downlines but no team work can sustain the matrix at a stage when it becomes so large.

I do believe that if the Admin of swizz golden Nigeria can go back to the drawing board and bring out a sustainable earning structure, the business might just stand the test of time.

A good earning structure of any network must not favor early starters but hard workers and must give room for participants to earn even if they only refer on person.

I want intelligent contributors to prove me wrong.


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