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Monday, June 12, 2017


13 Very Important Things Every Guy Observes In A Girl!!! - Romance

So, this thread is the other side of the coin. When a guy looks at a girl, he takes note of certain things about her. Of course, you don’t expect him to spill everything to her, do you? It is on the basis of these things that he makes his judgements about her.
Let’s take a look at the basic things a guy observes in a girl when he meets her. Are you ready? Good! Let the show begin! Ghen Ghen Ghen Ghen.

1. Whether she is pretty: All guys love beautiful women. They are a special treat to the eye. It is almost impossible for you to see a guy who does not want a pretty woman. This is the first check.

2. Whether she is hot: This is definitely the next on the list. While beauty has to do with the face, being hot as to do with her figure. This is where guys occupied with descriptions of a girl’s backside and fronts side and all the rest. You can’t blame us for this; guys will always be guys. We are creatures of sight.

3. Her dressing: Her sense of dressing is important too. A guy would make an assessment of her style of dressing. Most guys would love dressing styles that stun without exposing it all.

4. Her manner of expression: When she talks to people around her, is she polite or rude? There is something attractive about a woman who is courteous with her words.

5. Her frequency of smile and laughter: Maybe to stroke the male ego? Most guys observe these two things in a woman. Having a girl around who smiles frequently and can laugh easily can help a lot of guys to relax. A girl who frowns or hardly smiles is a “no” for most guys.

6. How quickly she gets angry: Guys often like to know how volatile a woman is. If she gets angry too easily, it means there is some fire on the mountain for the guy. Guys prefer women who are calm headed than them.

7. Her level of intelligence: Many guys are fond of this. During a conversation, they would stretch the discussion to the use of sarcasm and witty expressions just to see how well she can cope. Maybe that is understandable since science told us that a child gets his intelligence from his mother. 

8. Her attitude to money: Men take notice of how a girl handles money. Is she the type that is always hasty to buy all manner of things as soon as money gets into her hand? They want to know if she can manage money wisely.

9. Personal Hygiene: Yes, girls ought to be a beacon of light as far as this issue is concerned but anymore. So, a lot of guys pay attention to the personal hygiene of girls starting from things such as her hair, mouth breath, nails etc. 

10. Honesty: You won’t believe this but some guys create avenues for a girl to lie or tell the truth. This is what will make a guy act as though he knows nothing about an event just to see if she would be truthful. It is all part of trying to see if a girl is trustworthy.

11. Her level of maintenance: Guys are interested in knowing beforehand the level of maintenance of a girl. This is easy to gauge by her hair, shoes, bags etc. Guys just simply want to know which kind of load their head can carry.

12. Her attitude: It is easy for a girl to be nice to a guy she likes and those around him. But her real attitude is in how she treats strangers that comes her way. E.g. the waitress that attends to her in an eatery.

13. Her culinary skills: In as much as this is Africa, this will always be a source of interest to guys. Guys want to be sure that a girl can cook local dishes effortlessly. Generally, guys can joke with a lot of things but not with good foods.

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